Growing use of bamboo in interior design projects

— Growing use of bamboo in interior design projects

Bamboo is a material which is being used more and more everyday by architects, interior designers and designers in their projects as an alternative to other materials, for being a sustainable raw material of fast growing qualities; the bamboo is a plant which is ready for harvesting in the fifth year, time frame that sharply contrasts with the growing period of the majority of species of hardwood. It is a durable and strong material with mechanical properties similar or higher than wood and with a wide range of applications for floors and wall coverings.

The bamboo can be presented in horizontal with boards glued to each other by horizontal pressing (flat) and with the typical bamboo knot being visible. They can also be glued by vertical pressing (lateral) without the knot. In both cases the material can have either a natural or toasted color.

In acm we offer you a wide range of custom made products with bamboo and combining other material and finishes so that the results are innovative and customized.

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