Who we are


acm was founded in the year 1996 with the goal of supplying integral solutions for the manufacturing and installation of wood carpentry projects.

Since then, our objective has been offering our clients the best solutions for their projects of rehabilitation and new construction combining experience and innovation to add value in all of the processes.
In our quest for innovation and constant improvement we have incorporated in the last years the manufacturing and manipulation of steel and aluminium elements to meet the needs of the growing demand of joinery with special technical requirements. In our production premises we can cover in a flexible way the manufacturing of a wide range of products and wood and metal finishes for projects that require large volume of production with high quality standards.

Our technical office consists of a young, dynamic and qualified team, which allows us to tackle complex projects both in Spain and abroad. At the same time we have our own installation teams to guarantee the deadline achievements and the full attention of the final product details.

Quienes somos


acm fue fundada en el año 1.996 con el fin de ofrecer soluciones integrales para la fabricación e instalación de proyectos de carpintería de madera.

Desde entonces, nuestro objetivo ha sido ofrecer las mejores soluciones para los proyectos de rehabilitación y nueva construcción de nuestros clientes combinando experiencia e innovación para aportar valor en todos los procesos. Como parte de nuestro afán de innovación y mejora constante hemos incorporado en los últimos años la fabricación y manipulación de elementos de aluminio y acero para atender la creciente demanda de carpintería con prestaciones técnicas especiales.

En nuestras  instalaciones productivas podemos abarcar de manera flexible la fabricación de una amplia gama de productos y acabados de madera y metal para proyectos de gran volumen con altas exigencias de calidad.

Nuestra oficina técnica está formada por un equipo joven, dinámico y muy cualificado lo que nos permite abordar proyectos complejos tanto en España como en el extranjero. Así mismo disponemos de nuestros propios equipos de instalación para garantizar el cumplimiento de los plazos de ejecución y la máxima atención al detalle del producto final.

With three generations involved in the development of the company, the strength of our business today is based on a multidisciplinary human team with large national and international experience, and also with a deep spirit of service to meet the engagements undertaken with our clients anywhere around the globe.

The complexity of the projects we have completed in the last five years has provided us with a specialization and enlargement of our product range and services to grant our clients a complete service:

  • Within the field of hospital projects and singular buildings we have patented our own metal frames systems with different steel and aluminium solutions.
  • Within the field of hotel projects, we offer contract services for equipments and turnkey projects

Con tres generaciones implicadas en su trayectoria, la solidez de nuestra empresa hoy en día se basa en un equipo humano multidisciplinar con gran experiencia nacional e internacional  y con vocación de servicio para atender los compromisos que adquirimos con nuestros clientes en cualquier lugar del mundo.

La complejidad de los proyectos que hemos realizado en los últimos 5 años nos ha permitido una especialización y ampliación de nuestra oferta de productos y servicios para dar un servicio integral a nuestros clientes:

  • En el ámbito de los proyectos hospitalarios y de edificaciones singulares hemos patentado nuestros propios sistemas de cercos metálicos con diversas soluciones en acero y aluminio.
  • En el ámbito de los proyectos hoteleros, ofrecemos servicios de contract para equipamiento y proyectos llave en mano.

Our values

Compromise. We place at the clients’ disposal the most competitive solutions from a collaborative climate and follow-up, and we evaluate the needs to turn them into reality.

Responsibility. Working with a high level of requirements conveys cost optimization and compliance with deadlines and objectives. We understand as part of our job the professional wellbeing and our customer satisfaction, which is conclusive to reach our utmost goal: their trust.

Agility. We make quick decisions and act with dynamism when solving problems with realistic and high quality alternatives to be able to transfer an idea to our area of work. We attend our customer needs in an efficient way, maintaining a decisive attitude both in new projects as well as in the after-sale service.

Innovation and quality. Our greatest commitment consists of the development of projects with creativity and advanced and sustainable technical solutions, always offering the highest quality standards. We are driven by our determination to constantly improve and we actively pursue favorable circumstances to better products and services and create new business opportunities.

Integrity. Transparency, professionalism and honesty are our signs of identity.

We offer you the best solutions and evaluate your needs to make them a reality.


Carretera: M-404 km 20.800
28971 Griñón (MADRID)
Email: info@acm.es
Teléfono: +34 918 104 841