We have our own production facilities where we are able to cover the manufacturing of a large range of wood carpentry products and furniture.

Carpentry services

We manufacture any wood product that you may need for your project.

  • Acoustic doors
  • Fire resistant doors
  • FR doors with acoustic performances
  • Technical doors
  • Aluminium and steel frames
  • Inside doors
  • Entrance security doors
  • Closets and dressing rooms
  • Panelling
  • Pergolas and decorative beams
  • Sanitary cabins
  • Stairs
  • Balustrade
  • Furniture


We have our own teams for the installation of our products.

We move wherever our clients are developing their projects.

To ensure the quality of our products all installations take place with our own assembly team. We assign a team leader manager to each project so the communication with the client is agile and efficient during the installation and delivery process.

All of our personnel have the certified training needed to perform in their job post and we use the main platforms of document management to periodically update information that our client may need.


We develop the projects of our clients to offer them the best technical solutions through our architects and surveyors team.

In acm we understand that the technical development of the project is as important as the manufacturing and installation since it is the moment in which we detect or sense incompatibilities between elements and possible material optimizations.

Our technical office offers:

  • Shop drawings prior to manufacturing
  • Hardware Specifications
  • Special products development
  • Measurement on site


We offer the integral management of projects making available to clients a multidisciplinary team for the selection and purchase of materials and the follow-up of the implementation of the work.

The specialization and expertise in the execution of hotel projects with a certain degree of complexity has allowed us constitute a specific division focused on all CONTRACT services. We offer you the integral management of your project, translating your ideas and needs to our design and purchase team, and we assist you step by step in the selection of materials. We develop the execution of the work, guaranteeing the quality control requirements, commitment to delivery in time, and compliance with the cost established.

  • Indoor and outdoor complete furnishing
  • Illumination
  • Metalwork
  • Textile
  • Decorative elements
  • Equipment
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